Preschool Management System – Preschools & Daycares

Groupz offers a comprehensive preschool management solution for these challenges taking care of all the administrative operational tasks with better interactive potential.

ImageFor Master Franchise

  • Real time Franchisee Monitoring and Management from a single point access
  • Instant visibility on school-wise activities
  • Effective Communication with Preschools and Parents
  • Real time report generation
  • Maximum transparency
  • Head Count & Royalty Calculation
  • Enhance your brand value by improving standardization level

For Preschools

  • Streamlines and simplifies the work process
  • Effective Communication with management, staff and parents
  • Automates all-time consuming tasks with all information in place
  • Maximizes transparency in the system
  • Brings in a technology savvy image for the institution
  • Adopt the go green method minimizing paper work

For Parents

  • Platform to receive information on students and preschool activities
  • Monthly attendance details
  • Receive important information through mails, shared documents, announcements
  • View photographs of celebrations, events happening in preschool



Groupz helps Builders, Developers and Housing Societies

Groupz offers a comprehensive society / facilities management solution to streamline and simplify all the time consuming tasks, organize and oversee the operations anytime anywhere, online and offline communication system, easy to use solution .

ImageWhy Groupz – Society / Facilities Management System?

  • Real time Monitoring and Management from a single point access
  • Easy tracking and follow up of work intake
  • Communicate and collaborate workers and customers from anywhere
  • 24/7 accessibility, automated maintenance workflow
  • Simple reporting system to make more informed decisions
  • Improve efficiency and service turnaround time
  • Maximum transparency

What you achieve?

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Instant updates from management
  • Faster service turnaround time
  • Maximum transparency in the system
  • Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Complaint Management – Automated IVRS

Equip yourself with an effective and efficient complaint management system.

ImageOur complaint management solution allows efficient handling of customer complaints, automating the process yielding maximum customer satisfaction. It is a powerful, affordable, and easy to maintain solution that gives you the right statistics to deal with and resolve the issue; at the same time have happy customers.

The solution manages queries and supports ticketing system without losing on the quality. The complaints can be received through multiple communication channels both online and offline. Auto-assigning of service technicians and auto triggering of escalations if complaints not resolved within specific time limit, keeps the process intact. Automated intimations are send to customers on the status of the issue till completion. This improves the overall customer perspective maximizing transparency.

The entire system can be monitored and analyzed to take revival measures that would help improve your relation with the customers thus enhance your growth in business.

In short, our helpdesk solution

  • Empowers 24×7 customer support system
  • Easy lodging of complaints online or offline. A servant maid or a good old grandmother can easily lodge a complaint and the complaint leakage will be 0%.
  • Lodged complaints/ requests are immediately auto-assigned to the right stream of technician.
  • Complaints are closed on acknowledgement from customers. Closure of complaints by technicians as well through SMS during after hours
  • Easy tracking of complaints and instant status update via Email & SMS
  • Auto triggering of escalations, if complaints are not resolved within specific time limit, assuring rapid turnaround time.
  • Easy to use system, even the non-computer savvy technicians can update the status of the complaint automating the entire cycle and making a manager’s job easy.
  • Automated intimations are sent to customers on the progress of the request at every phase until completion.

Send Birthday Greetings to Customers

Groupz, now allows you to send personalized email and SMS birthday greetings to your customers.  The new and enhanced portal settings provides the HTML editor to compose and store Email and SMS messages to be send to customers. As the rule implies, the SMS text has to be approved before sending.
The dates of birth are captured from the system and the greetings would be send as Email and SMS.

Microgroupz – the new kid on the block

Endorse your brand with our latest add-on
We are pleased to announce the launch of Groupz micro-site – Microgroupz, a solely customized face for your franchisee/ center. It is now possible to catch the eye and be present in the search results when googled for despite not having a marketing website, only with Microgroupz.


What does Microgroupz offer?
Microgroupz offers a space to put forth your identity to keep the public informed.

It provides place holders for

  • Promoting your brand
  • Sharing photographs
  • Posting latest events and happenings
  • Posting important announcements       
  • Placing advertisements and much more


  • Microgroupz focuses on your organization’s content and branding.
  • Increases business opportunity improving revenue

Move ahead, endorse your brand, leave an impact and attract more customers.

Handle Franchise System of Business the Groupz Way

Currently, the trend in business is to go with the FRANCHISING model of business, where scaling up is much more achievable at the minimal cost. It not only allows you to extend your products and services elsewhere and to propagate your brand in the market but also helps the experienced and amateurs alike to fulfill their business dreams, without incurring liability onto yourself.

How does the Franchisor – Franchisee relation work?

Once you have decided to franchise your business nationally or internationally, you become the “Franchisor”.  There will be “Master Franchisees” at specified regions who would contract with you to franchise your business in those areas.The business flourishes even more when the Master Franchisee signs up with smaller units called “Franchisees” within that area. (Refer an example below)


In this model, the Master Franchisee controls and manages the operations of the franchisees it heads and ensures the brand value is maintained. Each franchisee (be it the master franchisee or the franchisees) ensures that the set business standards are adhered to and met. To achieve this, frequent communication and transparency should be maintained.

Though the Franchisor will not be responsible for any of the franchisee’s actions;the business values and operational methodologies shall not be compromised upon. Through this system, the Franchisor generates revenue from the royalty paid by the franchisees from the gross operations that takes place.


  • Franchisor/Master Franchisee to administer the franchisee operations to meet the system standards, upholding the brand value
  • Franchisees to keep track of revenue generation to assess the royalty to be paid on time
  • Communicate often to be up-to-date with the operations and latest developments
  • Shaping up the franchisor-master franchisee-franchisee relationship

Take a look at how our client overcame these challenges:  Preschool master franchise success story with Groupz – Podar Jumbo Kids

How to streamline the franchise system?

You need to have

  • Powerful member management system
  • Reliable tool to assess revenue generation
  • Strong communication system, both online and offline
  • Effective planning of operations
  • Transparency and quality maintained

GROUPZ has the ultimate solution to streamline any franchise model of business, say Educational Chains, Real Estate Developers, Clubs and Associationsetc. It’s an exceptional franchise management solution to automate and streamline the operational aspects with the above mentioned capabilities, with its uniquely designed support features. Meet some of our clients who have been successful using Groupz.